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Led explosion-proof lamp type

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There are actually many types of explosion-proof lamps. We may not know about this. According to different operating environments and requirements, color temperature and power are indispensable. If a manufacturer wants to occupy a shopping mall, retain customers, and ensure customer loyalty, it is necessary that the products produced are not only of good quality, but also of a thorough type.

The appearance of led explosion-proof lamp manufacturers is after the approval of our data in stainless steel. The stainless steel explosion-proof lamp has also been proved by many tests and practices, its strength and durability can be ensured, and its corrosion resistance is strong, and it is completely no problem in some corrosive environments.

This stainless steel profile explosion-proof lamp has been used in many places for its excellent function and exaggerated appearance, and even in some work, it has completely replaced the traditional explosion-proof lamp. In addition to being able to be used on its own, it can also be used as an accessory, which has the advantage that traditional explosion-proof lamps cannot be compared.

Feature of product:

The shell is made of special aluminum and the hardware is made of 304 stainless steel. The exterior is made of high-tech anti-corrosion treatment technology, which can be applied to the strong corrosive areas such as seaside, chlor-alkali and hydrogen sulfide for a long time.

1. Superconducting aluminum all-round self-circulating cooling planning, long-term application to high temperature and high humidity working environment; upper and lower ventilation fin structure, no dust accumulation.

2, a variety of light distribution, a variety of equipment methods, the same shape, useful image processing workshop and equipment approach to the beautiful image.

3, photoelectric integration skills, no dark areas of light spots, no ghosting, the overall lighting efficiency is as high as 100lm / W, compared with more than 60% energy saving of metal halide lamps.

4, AC and DC universal, power factor up to 0.99

5, can end the scene quickly and no welding to replace the light source.

6. Side-opening independent increased safety wiring compartment, safe and convenient for equipment maintenance.

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