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Songbei Explosion Proof Electric Co., Ltd , is the professional manufacturer of explosion proof electric eqmpment and lamps , the member of Explosion proof Appliances Subsidiary of China Industrial Appliances Association . Our company locate at Wengyang Industrial zone, Wenzhou , Zhejiang , possessed the industrial area more than 45000m2, building area 38000m2 , now employed 160 staif,ll technicians  . Our products have over 200 kinds , exceed 2000 specifications , as an new glowing-up manufacturer of ex-proof appliances , according to development, we have equipped with lots of advanced production and test equipment, concerned with the training on technician and workers , pay attention on the produ ction technology , set up a complete quality guarantee system , attained the IS09001-2000 issued by CAS international certification assessment services . We also continued improving the products quality and extending the new specifications for satisfying the different requirement.

All our products are designed , manufactured in compliance with the standard ofBGB3836 Electric appliances for Explosive gas surroundings" , and awarded the qualification certificates issued by State authorized test lab , in 2003 we got the Production license certificate approved Nation Quality Supervision Inspection&Quarantine Bureau , our products are qualified for several continuous years during the sampling test in witness of factory .

"Quality is life , Best service is credit, New products promote development, Good management attain profit" is the Dersistent tenet of Songbei Explosion Proof Electric Co., Ltd . Our products can give you the most reliable solution , caring for the quality feedback from user, continue serving for petroleum , petrochemical, chemical industry , oil refining # coal and gas industrial projects .

Our rules : reasonable price , reliable quality, advanced performance , punctual delivery # Compliance with contract execution .

The products have three guarantees , consequently are your best choice .

We welcome new and old clients to cooperate and build a good future .

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