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Indonesia Oil Show

Date:2019-12-10 10:53:20 Views:181

Songbei explosion-proof appeared in Jakarta oil exhibition in Indonesia

On September 18, 2019, Indonesia, the largest oil and gas producer in Southeast Asia, started at the LOGE exhibition in Jakarta. The Songbei debuted with highly competitive explosion-proof equipment.

As oil and gas prices continue to rise, Indonesia needs to expand their production levels to accommodate economic development. At the same time, new policies are constantly coming in. Manpower, incompetence and technology can make it serve Indonesia's future oil industry. The challenges facing the Indonesian oil industry will require cutting-edge technology to ensure its survival.
It is understood that the Indonesian Jakarta Oil and Gas Exhibition LOGE is organized by UBM Exhibition Company. The exhibition is held every two years. This exhibition is also a very important platform for companies to open the Indonesian market.

Songbei Electric mainly displayed the latest batch of explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof components, explosion-proof plug-in devices and other products. With its excellent product quality and good market reputation, Songbei attracted many customers to participate and negotiate cooperation. They highly appreciate Songbei's products, and they hope to have more in-depth cooperation in the future.
Southeast Asia was a market dominated by African and European brands in the past. By virtue of stable and excellent product quality, complete national explosion-proof certification, Songbei constantly pursues the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement. As a result, Songbei has opened its own sales path in the Southeast Asian market.
The people of Songbei always keep the original intention of "customer-centric and provide high-quality products", constantly upgrade their industrial structure, increase research and development efforts, and optimize product design. Occupy a place in the Southeast Asian market.

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