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Partner recruitment

Fine products: provide technology, design-leading products and differentiated products for the market, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of specialty stores.

Excellent price: Provide a good regional market price maintenance mechanism to ensure healthy competition and achieve a win-win situation

Strong promotion: provide "2+N" brand and product promotion activities support, strong promotion to ensure brand influence and market share

Diligent training: providing excellent training courses, a complete knowledge assurance system and assistance for store operations

Good operation: provide excellent terminal effective operation experience sharing, create sharing and grow together

Sincere service: high-level after-sales service system, providing 360-degree sincere service, helping sales, worry-free for customers

Joining service

1. The “Songbei Explosion Protection” business philosophy must be recognized and familiar with its marketing operation process.

2. After determining the agent's intention, you can apply to become our agent.

3. The unit or individual applying for the agency must provide the business license of the unit, the company profile (with official seal) and a copy of the personal ID card.

4. The agent must accept the regulations and agreements of the Songbei Explosion Protection Agency and strictly abide by the agency charter and agreement.

Agent condition

To become a “Songbei Explosion-proof” partner, the following conditions are required:

1. Individuals or units that can bear civil liability independently.

2. You can legally conduct business sales activities independently for users in your authorized area.

3. Can have a fixed office space, with full-time business personnel to track business.

4. The full-time salesman can have knowledge of explosion-proof products and business operation capabilities.

5. Can have rich social resources and interpersonal relationships and economic foundation.

6. The authorized area is reviewed and approved, and the two parties sign an agency agreement.

Agency policy

Enjoy the lowest price and preferential policies for delivery to agents.

Enjoy relevant technical support.

Enjoy market protection and price protection in the region.

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