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BXL-100 series explosion-proof ceiling lamp

WF1 :For outdoor mediixm corrosion-proof(No require not noted)


Model meaning

WF1 :For outdoor mediixm corrosion-proof(No require not noted)

With ballast(No matching not noted)

Z:Self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp 

G:Mercury vapor lamp 

N:Hi-pressure sodium vapor lamp 



1、Can be used in Zonea 1 and2 dangerous places.

2、Can be used inll A、IIB、IIC group explosive atmosphere. 

3.  Suitable for incandescent lamp.

Notice: Please note if need EC group.


1. Diecasted aluminium alloy shell with plastic-sprayed surface.

2、The lamp boby can be rotated 360。levelly and adjusted from+90c to-60。lelvately. 

3. The reflector uses paroboloid shape, high reflectivity, aim at 250W power, it has adjusting focus organization can realize hear and ofr adjustment, it can reach 100m when it is far hight.

4. With high perfonnance of water-proofing and applicable to use in the place to

illuminate that have higher protection demand, such as ship, petroleum platform, etc. 

5. uitable for cable wiring.

6. Suitable for GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard request.

Main technical parameters


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