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BCD53 series explosion-proof explosion-proof lamp

WF1 :For outdoor medium corrosion-proof(No require not noted)


Model implication

WF1 :For outdoor medium corrosion-proof(No require not noted)


1. Can be used in Zonel and2dangerous places.
2. Can be used II A、II Bgroup explosive atmosphere.
3. Suitable for incandescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, high-pressure sodium vapor lamp, metal halide lamp.

Notice: Can be install lamp cover according to user's requitemnt.


1. Diecasted aluminium alloy shell with

2Pressure-casted formation, compact structure and aesthetic appearance.

3Suspension type thumb nut is used for fastening so that it can be quickly opened up and is conventient for maintenance.

4Suitable for steelpipe.

5Suitable for GB3 836-2000, IEC60079 standard request.


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