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Stainless steel cable gland


Stainless steel cable gland

Metric thread: M6-M1 30

American thread: NPT1/2-NPT4

Inch thread: G1/2-G4

German thread PG7+PG63

Customized according to the actual needs of officials

product description:

Stainless steel cable gland products are widely used in petroleum equipment, marine engineering,Nuclear power, petrochemical, locomotive, wind power. Construction machinery, motors and other industries.

The explosion-proof gland is easy to install, has a wide clamping range, and has a good sealing effect.

(1) Screw teeth specifications: metric teeth M, German teeth PG, American teeth NPT, inch teeth G

(2) Product material: Parts A, C, and F are made of excellent stainless steel, part D is made of nylon, and parts B and E are made of nitrile rubber (NBR).

 (3) Product certification: European CE certification, European environmental SGS certification, American UL certification and explosion-proof EX certification.

(4) Fire rating: Part D is UL94V-2, low smoke and halogen free.

 (5) Protection level: within the specified buckle range, and use 0 type sealing ring to tighten the head to reach IP68

(6) Color types: A, C and F parts are metallic. F is white, B and D are black.

(7) Working temperature: static: -40° to 100°C, short time up to 120°C.Dynamic: -20°C to 80°C, short time up to 100°C

(8) Product characteristics: the special clamping claw and the concave and convex design of the clamping ring are matched with the pressing head to save time and convenience in assembly, the range of the clamping cable is large, the tensile strength is strong, waterproof, dustproof, salt resistant, Resistant to acid and alkali, alcohol, grease and general solvents.

(9) More options: It can be specially formulated according to the actual needs of customers.


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