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Positive Pressure Explosion-proof Analysis Cabin

Applicable to the area of the explosive gas environment 2


Scope of application

Applicable to the area of the explosive gas environment 2;

Applicable to Class II explosive gas environment;

Applicable to the temperature group of T1~T4 group;

Widely used in dangerous environments such as petroleum development, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, etc.;


The positive pressure type explosion-proof analysis cabin integrates the combination, complete set and installation of industrial online instruments, and firstly in the oil field, oil refining,

Widely used in chemical companies;

The analysis cabin adopts a steel structure, the inner and outer walls are steel plates, and the middle is a heat insulation layer;

This series of products is mainly to achieve the user's on-site centralized control, dispatching command, process analysis, instrument monitoring, explosion-proof treatment, with

Advantages unmatched by other explosion-proof structures;

The system consists of the main structure of the room, positive pressure control system, positive pressure ventilation system, pressure monitoring system, flammable gas detection system,

Toxic gas detection system, high temperature alarm system, smoke alarm system, sound and light alarm interlock system, lighting system, temperature and humidity

Degree adjustment system, universal power system, user electrical system;

The room is equipped with explosion-proof air conditioner, which can adjust the indoor temperature and has constant temperature and constant humidity functions.

The power distribution system is a pipeline system equipped with an explosion-proof control box;

The lighting system uses an explosion-proof ceiling lamp and an explosion-proof emergency lamp, and the normal illumination is a tubular fluorescent lamp;

There is also ventilation, ventilation and filtration in the cabin, and the entrance to the cabin inlet duct should be in a non-hazardous area;

Double sealed door with glass window and escape door, with dustproof and waterproof functions;

The whole fully enclosed system has anti-static, fireproof, no environmental pollution, anti-corrosion, anti-interference and other functions;

Adopt PLC integrated control technology to make the system run stably and reliably, the whole grounding, grounding resistance <Ω.


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