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Explosion-proof gland head explosion-proof cable sealing joint


Explosion-proof gland head explosion-proof cable sealing joint
Suitable for oil mining, oil refining, chemical heavy industry, every dangerous face ring items, permeable for explosive gas1
Locations in Zone 2 and Zone 2 are suitable for use in areas with zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 2 and are suitable for IIA, IIB, and IIC explosive gas ring filling.
Thread specifications: metric M teeth, American NPT teeth, inch G teeth
Metric thread: M20 M25 M32 M40 M50 M63 M75
Inch thread: G1/2 G3/4 G1 G1-1/4 G1-1/2 G2
American-made thread: NPT1/2 NPT3/4 NPT1 NPT1-1/4 NPT-1/2 NPT2
Can be customized according to the actual needs of customers

product description:

 Explosion-proof cable gland
Used in hazardous environments such as oil mining, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, etc.;
Applicable to explosive gas environment zone 1 and zone 2;
Applicable to flammable dust environment 20 zone, 21 zone, 22 zone places;
Suitable for IIA IIB IIC class explosive gas environment;
Suitable for non-armored cables, cable routing
Technical Parameters
Explosion-proof mark: ExdI Ic Gb/ ExelIc Gb
Protection level: IP68
Wang Zuo temperature -60°G-+100C;
Product material: 304 stainless steel, brass nickel plated, 316 stainless steel
Interface thread: M metric thread, NPT pipe thread and G pipe thread, others can be customized;
Executive standard: GB3836. 1, GB3836.2


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