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BZA8050 series explosion-proof anti-corrosion master controller (IIC.DIP)

Executive standard: GB3836.1.GB3836.3.GB12476.


Scope of application

Applicable to areas 1 and 2 of explosive gas environment;

Applicable to IIA.IIB.IIC explosive gas environment;

Applicable to flammable dust-proof environment in Zone 21 and Zone 22;

Applicable to the temperature group of T1~T6 group;

Suitable for places with high anti-corrosion requirements;

Widely used in oil exploration, oil refining, chemical industry, military and other dangerous environments and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places.

Technical Parameters

Executive standard: GB3836.1.GB3836.3.GB12476.

Explosion-proof mark: Exde II CT6 Gd. DIPA21TA, T6

Rated voltage: 220V/380V

Rated current: 10A

Protection level: IP65

Anti-corrosion grade: WF2

Built-in components: BA8060 series explosion-proof button, CP series explosion-proof electric meter, BC8060 series explosion-proof light button, BD8060

Series explosion-proof indicator

Use category: AC-15.DC-13

Introducing device: DQN-I type G3/4" inlet port specification, please specify when user requirements are configured as G1/2" or G1". Normal type,

For cable entry devices such as stainless steel, please refer to page P3/102.

Cable outer diameter: suitable for ?12mm~?18mm cable

Installation method: hanging type

Feature of product

The outer casing is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin, which has beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and heat stability.

Good performance, good performance

The joint surface of the shell and the cover adopts a labyrinth structure, and the sealing strip adopts an advanced process of line pouring foaming and one-time forming, and has good anti-proof

Water and dust resistance;

If there is no special requirement, our company's red button is equipped with a set of normally closed contacts, and the green or yellow button is configured with a set of normally open contacts;

Depending on the lamp voltage level AC220~380V, red means stop, green means run; if there are different requirements, please provide schematic diagram;

The explosion-proof button adopts modular type, and the function of the button can be freely combined by two units;

This series of products with light button can only be configured with one button and one lamp;

An increased safety enclosure with built-in components as explosion-proof components;

Explosion-proof indicator light adopts special design, AC 220V~380V universal;

The exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel, which is designed for anti-dropping and easy to maintain;

Cable wiring (please specify the steel pipe wiring);

Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated.

Main technical parameters


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