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Byy series logo light

Suitable for GB3836-2000, EEC60079 standard request


Scope of application

1、Can be used in Zoneland2dangerous places.

2、Can be used II A、IIB group explosive atmosphere. 3> Suitable for incandescent lamp


1.Diecasted aluminium alloy shell with plasticsprayed surface.
2.Apperture lamp can be made into condensing by use's requirement,but it should be noted when ordering.
3. Suitable for steelpipe.

4.Suitable for GB3836-2000, EEC60079 standard request

F1 -Middle erosicm-proof for outdoor 

T-Special requirement

S-Two-sides(No marking without requirement) 

G-S usp en der type 

X-Ceiling type 

B-Wall type

Inducing marks for selection 

TB explosion-proof fluorescent lamp 

Indicator lamp

1.Enclosure is cast with aluminium alloy,surface is sprayed with plastic, fine outline;

2.Inducing signals can be selected by users;

3.LED lighting diode,is in low consumption^ the life can be up to 10000 hours? long emergency time and it is non-maintenance ;

4.Built-in non-mainrenance Ni oc hydro gen also can charge automatically in normal condition and auto-lighting while accident happened or power is failure conditions;

5.Wiring with steel tube or cable.

Lnducing marks

Main technical parameters


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