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BXK8050 series explosion-proof anti-corrosion control box (IIC.DIP)

Executive standard: GB3836.1. GB3836.2. GB3836. 3 GB12476.


Scope of application

Applicable to areas 1 and 2 of explosive gas environment;

Applicable to II A. II B. II Class C explosive gas environment;

Applicable to flammable dust-proof environment in Zone 21 and Zone 22;

Applicable to the temperature group of T1~T6 group;

Suitable for places with high anti-corrosion requirements;

Widely used in oil exploration, oil refining, chemical industry, military and other dangerous environments and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places.

Technical reference

Executive standard: GB3836.1. GB3836.2. GB3836. 3 GB12476.

Explosion-proof mark: Exde II CT6 Gb. DIPA21A, T6

Rated voltage: 220V/380V

Rated current: 10A

Protection level: IP65

Anti-corrosion grade: WF2

Built-in components: BA8060 series explosion-proof button, CP series explosion-proof electric meter, BC8060 series explosion-proof light button;

BD8060 series explosion-proof indicator

BD8060 series explosion-proof indicator light, BK8050 series explosion-proof switch

Use category: AC-15. DC-13

Inlet and outlet thread: G3/4"~G1 1/2" inlet specification, please specify the quantity

Cable outer diameter: suitable for ?12mm~?32mm cable

Installation method: hanging type

*Note: The number and specifications of the inlet and outlet ports should be specified when ordering.

Feature of product

BXK8050 series explosion-proof control box is suitable for AC 50Hz. 220/380V, DC voltage to 220V line, long distance set

Control the starting and stopping of multiple motors;

The outer casing is molded with glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin, which has beautiful shell, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and heat stability.

Excellent performance such as good sex;

The outlet thread is normally configured as a G-threaded DQM-I cable clamp sealing joint. For other types of introduction devices, 

The body cover is joined by a labyrinth structure, and the sealing strip adopts an advanced process of line pouring foaming and one-time forming, which has good waterproof and dustproof energy.


The built-in components are directly stuck on the standard rails, and the projections on the components and the grooves on the rails ensure that the built-in components are mounted in the determination.


The control box consists of an increased safety enclosure, explosion-proof components (buttons, meters, illuminated buttons, indicators, switches) and terminals to make;

There are many variations of this product, which can be made according to the electrical schematic provided by the user;

Cable wiring (please specify the steel pipe wiring);

Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated.

*Because the control box components are ever-changing, the specific component arrangement is designed and manufactured by our company according to user requirements.

Main technical parameters


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