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BTD-400 series explosion-proof floodlights (flooding)

Indoor or outdoor (IP65)



1. Hazardous: division 1&2;

2. Explosive gas atmosphere: grade II A, II B, II C; 

3. Indoor or outdoor (IP65)


1. Square enclosure is cast with aluminium alloy, surface is sprayed with plastic, fine outline;

2. Toughened glass  outer fasteners are made of stainless steel:

3. Lamp and ballast are designed holistically  luminaries chamber and ballast are independent respectively,which is convenient to install and maintain;

4. Building out capacitor can be added  cos I 0.8;

5. Side open structure, it's easy for replacing bulb;

6. Orange wave bafile-board make the light soft* the irradiation range is large;

7. Wiring with cable.


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