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BPS-series explosion-proof anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent lamp

WF1-Middle erosion-proof outdoor (No marking without requirement)

Model implication

WF1-Middle erosion-proof outdoor (No marking without requirement)

WF2--Outdoor serious erosion-proof (No marking without requirement)

Emergency (No marking without requirement)

P-Steel plate enclosure 

g-Stainless steel enclosure 

E: Fit electronic ballast 

LR: Fit eletric induction ba!last(No marking)

X: Ceiling type 

Q: Built-in type  Cleaning lamp

Power x Nosi of lamp tube 

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp


1. Hazardous: divisionl & 2 orzone20、21、22;

2. Explosive gas atmosphere:class II A, II B, II C or flammable dust atmospherers;

3, Indoor or outdoor (IP54,IP65^).

Parameter with emergency 

It can reah to Ip65 for the special spot.

1. The enclosure is moulded with steel plate or stainless steel,the transparent part is made of toughened glass;

2Patent centre locking structure,it is quick to open the cover^and convenient to replace lamp tube;

3Sealing structure and with perfect water,dust and serious corrosion proof functions;

4Built-in explosion-proof electronic ballast is specially made by our company, it's with short circuit^open circuit protection functions,the standby circuit is used for avoiding the aging or blow phenomena  the high energy saving r: COSq~ 0.99. Wide voltage inputjt can keep constant power output within 170~250V.

5Fitted normal double-tin T8 lamp tubc(with electronic ballast)or single -tin lamp tube;

6It can be fitted with emergency device on request,the illumination can convert to emergency lighting state when the power is failure;

7Wiring with cable or steel tube(Please note when wiring with steel tube).


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