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BLED8695 street light (200W)

BRE8695 series explosion-proof maintenance free energy-saving lamps (LED) (hereinafter referred to as explosion-proof lamp)



BRE8695 series explosion-proof maintenance free energy-saving lamps (LED) (hereinafter referred to as explosion-proof lamp), according to the national standard GB3836.1-2010 "explosive gas environment using electrical equipment part 1: general Use requirements, GB3836.1-2010 "explosive gas environment using electrical equipment part 2: flameproof* d ", "the requirements of design and manufacturing, mainly is suitable for the card gas environment 1 or 2 area dangerous areas, explosive gas II class, grade A, C, temperature classes T1 ~ T6, in ac 50 hz, rated voltage 220 v circuit, as the job field lighting.

Normal working conditions

Product structure performance

1.The lamp is of flameproof or dust explosion-proof type, is suitable for gas or dust explosion hazardous locations.

2.The lamp is composed of light source chamber, electric chamber and wiring chamber, enjoys sealed design.

3.The lamp enclosure is made of aluminum alloy by means of die-casting forming, with LED switching power supply, terminal blocks and other electrical devices inside the electric chamber there arc terminal blocks for user wiring in the wiring chamber, and has aluminum alloy specular reflector in the light source chamber. The toughened glass shade adopts epoxy resin sealant, is of good light transmittance and high shock resistance. The mesh enclosure is made of high quality stainless steel, its surface is treated with polyester powder coating (anti-corrosion enclosure also has been treated with special metallic processing before polyester powder coating).

4.The exposed fasteners are made of high quality stainless steel, are equipped with rubber gasket, with reliable sealing performance, excellent waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosive properties. Built-in rubber parts, wire jacket, and plastics all use high-temperature resistant and flame retardant articles, safer and more reliable.

5.All kinds of installation ways are suitable, such as hanging type, ceiling type, wall-mounted type, post type, bracket type, etc.

6.The power supply adopts integral heat dissipation technology, with protections against short circuit, over current, over voltage, over heat, etc.

Model BRE8695

Implementation of standards GB3836/GB12476

Explosion-proof markExd IIC T6 Gb/DEP A20 TA,T6

Rated voltage90—264VAC or 127—300VDC

Frequency range 47-63Hz

Rated power 80w-200w

PFC110/0.98 220/0.95

Power Efficiency 0.91

Light fl ux9000 ( 80w ) /16500(150w) /20000 ( 200w )

Lighting efficiency 93%

(CRI) 80

Inrush current /Cold;30A(max) 230VAC

Safety Standards UL8750,TUV EN61347-1,EN61347-2-13

EMC Standards EN61000-3-2,TU V EN61347-1 ,EN61347-2-13

Protection grade IP66

The anti-corrosion class WF2

Inlet thread G20

Cable's spec O10-<P14mm


Working Environment:10% 90%

Work life 100000H


The use and maintenance

1.Explosion-proof lamp before use, first to check whether the content of the nameplate with customers ordering consistent;

2.Mixer explosion-proof lamp when installed into the first line cable by introducing device received by XianQiang terminals, and pressure sealing ring, cable seal is good, then good grounding line, fastening screws, the above after the check and correct, can use electricity;

3.Explosion-proof lamp shall not remove, maintenance, must be disconnected before level power supply after can open access; Generally do not need to repair this product has long life characteristics.

4.Pieces shall not damage the flame-proof surface in the process of maintenance, repair after tu rust-proof oil 204-1, good cover, tighten rear can use;

5.Explosion-proof lamp should be regularly check, clean up the dust on the surface of the transparent.

6.Mixer obstacles from the explosion-proof enclosure is greater than 30 mm.

Order note

1.Please select product according to the model description carefully, for example, product model is BLED86D □ -40X if you need explosion-proof LED lamp 40W, ceiling type installation;

2.Power supply and light source have been prepared along with the lamp.

3.Stainless steel mesh enclosure is optional.

4.It is suitable for strong vibration atmospheres after anti-shock treatment.

5.Light angles 270° and 30。are optional.

6.Please give clear indications if need abovementioned items 3,4 and 5 before leaving the factory.


Normal working conditions






BAK51 - AC110/B5AC1105





BAK51 - AC110/CAC110/

BAK51 - AC220/CAC220/


BAK51 - AC36/D10AC3610



BAK51 - AC220/D5AC2205


Main technical parameters


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