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BHZD series explosion-proof aviation array

Can be used in hazardous areas: Zone 1 and Zone



1. Can be used in hazardous areas: Zone 1 and Zone 

2. Can be used in explosive gas atmospheres of Category IIA > IIB and IIC where the temperature classification is T1 ?T4.


1. Is The housing is die cast in aluminum alloy, with high voltage static plastic-sprayed surface;

2. Lampshade of red tempered glass, stainless exposed fastener;

3Being controlled by automatic light-operated switch, it turns on or off automatically according to brightness, with strong reliability.

46 built-in double helix bulbs are used as the illuminant, the automatic-skip optic-bubble circuit is employed. Usually, only a bulb is re quired to work, others are standby, when some bulb is damaged, the control circuit will enable the standby lamp to work automatically;

5The optimized control circuit and reliable electric integrated elements are set inside.

6LED is used as illuminant, with the small volume, low power consumption, long service life, strong luminescence and adjustable flas hing frequency. If ordering, please specify the product model and the type of illuminant.

Main technical parameters

1, Implementing the standard GB 3836.1-2000, GB 3836 2-2000

2、 Explosion- proof mark:BxdeⅡBT4、 ExdeIICT4(LED)
3, Rated voltage: AC220V/50Hz
4\ Protection grade: IP65
5. Corrosion-proof grade: WF1
6、 Light source type: Incandescent lamp6×100W、LED
7、 Inlet spec:G3/4∥
8, Cable spec:θ9 mm -θ 14mm


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