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BHY-series explosion-proof anti-corrosion clean fluorescent lamp

WF1-Middle erosion-proof outdoor(No marking without requirement)


Model implication

WF1-Middle erosion-proof outdoor(No marking without requirement)

WF2--Outdoor serious erosion-proof(No marking without requirement)

Emergency (No marking without requirement)

P-Steel plate enclosure 

g-Stainless steel enclosure

E: Fit electronic ballast 

LR: Fit eletric induction ba!last(No marking)

X: Ceiling type 

Q: Built-in type Cleaning lamp

Power x Nosi of lamp tube 

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp


1. Hazardous: divisionl & 2 or zone 20、21 、22;

2. Explosive gas atmosphere: class II A, II B, II C or flammable dust atmospherers;

3, Indoor or outdoor (IP54, IP65).

Parameter with emergency 

It can reah to Ip65 for the special spot.

1. he enclosure is moulded with steel plate or stainless steel,the transparent part is made of toughened glass;

2Patent centre locking structure,it is quick to open the cover^and convenient to replace lamp tube;

3Sealing structure and with perfect water,dust and serious corrosion proof functions;

4Built-in explosion-proof electronic ballast is specially made by our company,it's with short circuit^open circuit protection functions,the standby circuit is used for avoiding the aging or blow phenomena^ the high energy saving r: COSq~^0.99. Wide voltage inputjt can keep constant power output within 170~250V.

5 Fitted normal double-tin T8 lamp tubc(with electronic ballast)or single -tin lamp tube;

6It can be fitted with emergency device on request,the illumination can convert to emergency lighting state when the power is failure;

7Wiring with cable or steel tube(Please note when wiring with steel tube).


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