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BAD62-250 series explosion-proof lamp

Explosive gas atmosphere: class IIA,IIB, II C; 3.Indoor or outdoor(IP65).



1.Hazardous:division 1&2;

2.Explosive gas atmosphere: class IIA,IIB, II C; 3.Indoor or outdoor(IP65).


1.Enclosure is cast with aluminium alloy,surface is sprayed with plastic, fine outline,outer fasteners are made of stainless steel;

2.Lamp body and outlet are connected without wire,which is convenient for installation and mamtenancej

3.Ballast and trigger are built in the lamp(holistic);

4.Wiring with steel tube.

Main technical parameters


Double sealing clamping structure with specially designed cable, to ensure that the introduction of device reliability and protection grade

The glass cover, the shell ring, a pressing ring using epoxy resin with a special process of integral type adhesive;

Thermal design the good, to produce light source and electrical work when the heat through the shell fully transferred to the radiating;

Lighting the use of multiple seal structure with special design, high degree of enclosure protection;

The shell with no copper aluminimi alloy pressure casting molding, shot after the high voltage electrostatic spraying, refinement, beautiful;

Steel pipe wiring;

Energy saving: the luminous flux of 85W electrodeless lamp is equivalent to 450W incandescent lamp irradiation, in equal flux condition, power consumption is only 1/5?1/6 of the incandescent lamp;

Long life: the high-frequency electrodeless lamp without filament and the electrode, the service life is generally 6~10 million hours, is the incandescent lamp 60 times, 20 times of halogen lamp;

No stroboscopic light source stability: no stroboscopic, does not cause eye fatigue;

High color: high brightness, low glare, light and soft, has illuminated objects of the natural color, the color rendering index Ra > 80; ?The visual effect is good: a high proportion of visible light, light dead angles;

Without preheating: instant start and restart, multiple switch does not appear to decay phenomena with ordinary light source; ?Wide working voltage range: input voltage in the range of 97V~270V, the bulb will start and work, and the output luminous flux constant;

Green environmental protection: with radio frequency interference filter, satisfy the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility; ?Widely used in various lighting occasions, especially suitable for lighting requiring high reliability and replacement lamps difficult places.


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